Our Proven Process

Immediate value, long-term results

Our 3-Step process helps your organization move towards more informed decision-making in surprisingly short periods of time.

You don’t have to wait for results or invest in a huge project to get started. We’ll get you answers to your initial questions in a matter of weeks. Then, we move on to bigger projects as support and excitement builds inside your organization. Here’s how it works in most situations:

  • Step 1: Impact project(s): We start by doing a small project that gets you answers to critical questions in just 30-60 days. Generating a positive impact on your business immediately, creating analytics advocates within your organization, and making the case for more budget, if necessary.
  • Step 2: Organic expansion: After the pilot project, we build momentum by doing some related or similar projects. Maybe we work on follow up questions from the original project or start a similar project in another division of your organization.
  • Step 3: Formalized plan: When we’ve built enough interest in the organization and doing several small projects becomes inefficient, we start working on a long-term formalized plan to tackle enterprise-wide projects and priorities.

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