Why Charter

When We Say Analytics, We Mean Business

Maybe you’re here because you want analytics to help your organization improve planning and forecasting. Or, maybe you want to streamline operations or acquire new customers. No matter why you’re interested in analytics, solving a business problem is the ultimate goal. And, we can help.

Using new, inexpensive data analytics tools, we can help your business stakeholders get the most out of the data you have and get access to the information they want—in a surprisingly short period of time. We impact your organization by leveraging the natural strength of two key functions – IT as the supplier of trusted data and the right analytical systems and tools, and the business as the user of analytics and the expert answering the questions that could not be seen until now.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Consultants with business expertise: Our expert technologists also have business backgrounds. They know about analytics technology and how to make it succeed inside a real business.
  • Comprehensive analytics services: Our services go beyond one-time tool selection and implementation. We can also help you understand the people, procedures, and priorities needed to succeed in the long run.
  • Proven process: Our proven Chasm™ process is designed to address critical business problems in a matter of weeks and—simultaneously—create a long-term plan for your analytics ecosystem.

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