Application Development

Bring your technology product to life 

We partner with you throughout all stages of your project including: strategy and feature planning, architecture and development, testing, security operations, and API development. Our agile team of experts will make sure your application meets all of your business needs and more,  while ensuring scope and investment stay under control. 

Our approach to AppDev

We have worked with many clients in a variety of industries to develop applications that both solve business problems and increase efficiency and productivity. Whatever your goal, our agile development approach brings your idea from concept to reality.

Product strategy and planning

We work with you to lay the groundwork of a successful application and ensure your product is effectively and efficiently brought to market. This includes feature planning, MVP concepts, early customer engagement, managing investment, and developing a project in small steps (agile), product management mentality

Solution architecture and development

This is where the rubber begins to meet to road. By designing and building scalable, adaptable, resilient high performance solution architectures and applications, we make sure your application meets current business needs while also ensuring it is ready for whatever the future brings.

Development, security and operations

With every application we build, security is a priority from the beginning. We integrate development, deployment, and security processes across all environments from development to production. 

API development

The systems we build treat APIs as a core concept to allow easier integration and adaptation of the application. Building both internal and external facing API’s in this way, ensures your applicaiton can be fluid and adaptable to future enhancements.

Examples of past work

Health Care

We worked with a health care company to create an AWS hosted HIPAA compliant “facebook for doctors”. Key elements included Continuing Medical Education (CME) management, secure messaging for quick, patient related questions, general news and topic based discussions, and organizational directory. This system was built for large clinic hospital groups.

Leadership Consulting Organization

We guided this customer on product strategy and coaching how to carefully manage an MVP release, developing a cloud based application and data analytics platform for managing their business and reporting needs, as well as implementing a digital strategy for real time customer interaction.


Charter Solutions, Inc was asked by a client to create a rules-based conveyer system that allows for users on a factory floor to be able to adjust parameters directly from the machine or from a web-based UI. The client wanted a solution that was easily deployable, had low maintenance, and could integrate to numerous companies and data sources. 

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