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We don't just choose the right people, we choose the right people for you.
We know that the right pieces form the right solutions.
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Our vision and insight allow your company to be one step ahead.
When you work with Charter, you have our whole team with you.

    Our Philosophy

    With Charter Solutions, clients don’t just hire a person; they hire the entire Charter team.  We provide hands-on oversight from our senior level managers to our highly skilled team — all committed to delivering value, service and results.

    Our approach is to work closely with our clients. Internal skill development and knowledge transfer are key components to provide a successful transition to your internal staff.

    News & Events

    November 29,2018 Charter Solutions Wins Tekne Award for it's Groundbreaking Xplor! Product!!!

    We are thrilled to announce that Charter Solutions has won a coveted Tekne Award from the Minnesota High Tech Association for it’s Xplor! Analytics product.

    In response to a rapidly growing need in the mid-market, Charter Solutions has developed a unique and innovative way to bring cutting-edge data analytics and business insights into the hands of SMB marketplace. Xplor! is a turnkey data analytics service that aligns with Charter’s mission to support the critical needs of the mid-market and provide “actionable insights” to help businesses grow.  Xplor! uses the latest cloud-based technologies to safely and securely connect to a customer’s proprietary data sources and deliver critical information through easy-to-use dashboards that support the growing trend for self-service analytics.

    Xplor! is a collection of services and technologies that together allow companies to gather, analyze and report on business data from multiple disparate sources in a secure, managed and transparent way, using best-in-class software to enable self-service analytics.

    Due to the high cost and growing complexity of collecting and managing the current onslaught of dynamic data flooding into-and-out of businesses these days, it has been cost prohibitive for the mid-market to develop sustainable, predictive business intelligence from their proprietary and private data – it’s just too expensive and resource intensive to build an internal data program that is both secure and governed.  Xplor! is the only service of its kind that delivers the much-needed business insights quickly and efficiently using the customer’s own proprietary data sources while governing and protecting that data to make certain it is accurate and secure.  Xplor! delivers insights at a fraction of the cost and complexity of building and managing a data program. It’s a unique turnkey service that is managed by seasoned data engineers that understand that investments in analytics materialize only when information is in the hands of the business.

    By combining a range of database, data management and visualization tools in a way that best meets the customer’s needs, Xplor! is able to offer an immediate customized solution for one monthly fee. Multiple database platforms are available, depending on specific customer needs and requirements; multiple front-end analytics platforms are also supported.


    December 12,2018 MHTA Annual CIO Panel

    Each year, the Minnesota High Tech Association hosts this event with insight and ideas from CIOs to reflect on the year’s top developments, along with challenges and opportunities they see in the coming year.

    November 26,2018 AWS re:Invent 2018

    AWS is an incredible annual event that provides deep technical content, hands-on learning opportunities, keynote announcements, a big Partner Expo, exciting after-hours events, and the best party in technology—re:Play.  Charter Solutions will be there!

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