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Reach your full potential with Charter Solutions​
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Your data journey

Maybe you’re here because you want data and analytics to help you define your products and product strategy. Or maybe you are here to use data to improve decision making. You might be here because you want to move to the cloud or need application development support or are trying to figure out how AI can assist your company growth. Whatever your situation, Charter Solutions has the talent to help get you there. It all starts with staging your data and that is our Superpower!

Four elements that drive analytics

To maximize the impact of analytics, we focus on four interconnected elements: tools, infrastructure, strategy, and people. When your business has these bases covered, you hit a metaphoric “analytics homerun.” At Charter Solutions, our team of experts will guide you through these key areas.

Strategy and priorization

While one-off analytics projects have their place in business, establishing an organization-wide roadmap will drive greater efficiency and effectiveness. Charter Solutions will work with your team to develop goals, governance, and priorities that align with your business goals and your roadmap.

People and processes:

Analytics can be transformative, if your team has access to and understanding of how to apply this information. Our team will work with you to define clear processes, roles, and responsibilities to ensure employees at all levels of your organization can confidently and competently get the information they need.

Tools and implementation

With expertise in a wide range of analytics technologies, Charter Solutions will identify tools that interface seamlessly with your legacy systems, delivering the right data to your decision makers.

Data integrity and infastructure

We help you create an infrastructure that makes your valuable information accessible, clean, consolidated, and secure.

Cloud strategy & implementation

Looking for a quick, cost-effective way to deliver business value? Charter Solutions' Cloud Enablement services get you there quickly and securely. We design, build, and manage agile solutions for real-time results, focusing on elasticity, scalability, reliability, performance, and cost efficiency. We optimize performance and efficiency through the use of cloud-native technologies, serverless architectures, infrastructure as code, and real-time pipelines. And to ensure optimal, long-term performance, we work with your team to manage these solutions over time. Our Cloud Enablement offerings include:

Strategies for data ingestion, transformation, and storage (real time and batch)

Value-focused approaches for data staging, storage, and retrieval

Accelerated application development that is serverless with high availability, low cost, fast scalability, and easy disaster recovery in mind

Improved real-time insights and alerts for infrastructure and applications

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Cloud managed services

Managed services by Charter Solutions is a unique offering that provides monitoring and alerting of your cloud environment. Expert cloud engineers conduct daily monitoring of your cloud Infrastructure, cloud databases, cloud network performance, and cloud security. We do the work for you, so you don’t have to worry about the mundane – you focus on more important activities and strategic initiatives. Included are monthly, quarterly, and annual reviews that will summarize opportunities to optimize costs, plus opportunities to improve performance within your environment.

Turning "How?" into "Wow!"

The Charter Solutions team delivers calm in the midst of chaos. Our systematic approach identifies the best-fit technology for your organization’s overall roadmap. But we don’t just tell you what to change, we show you the way. Throughout our consulting process, we listen, plan, optimize, and empower so your organization can go farther, faster.

Technical professional services

Charter Solutions strategists and architects are experts at designing and implementing practical solutions that are scalable and sustainable. Even when faced with the most complex problems, we craft straightforward solutions your team will support. This includes:

Product development

The experts at Charter Solutions will bring your technology product to life. We partner with you throughout all stages of your project including: strategy and feature planning, architecture and development, testing, security operations, and API development. Our team will make sure your product meets and exceeds your business needs, while ensuring scope and investment stay under control.

Product strategy and planning:

A successful product starts with a solid plan. Charter Solutions will use an agile development approach and product management mentality to ensure your product is effectively and efficiently brought to market. This includes feature planning, MVP concepts, early customer engagement, and managing your investment over time.

Solution and cloud architecture design:

This is where the rubber begins to meet the road. By designing and building a scalable, adaptable, resilient, and high-performance architecture or application, we make sure your innovative idea actually meets current and future business needs.

Agile development, security, and operations execution process:

We bring product to life utilizing effective agile methodology. Every application we build begins and ends with security as a priority. We integrate development, deployment, and security processes across all environments from initial development through production.

Jobs and staffing

The right people can make all the difference in the world. That's why we work with top technology professionals from around the country to develop and nurture a talent pool that bolsters your internal resources, when you need them, where you need them. At Charter Solutions, we don’t have a one-size-fits all engagement format. Whether you’re looking for an entire team of consultants or a specific long-term hire, we can provide the expertise your organization needs.

Partners & certifications

Genius doesn’t happen in a vacuum. That’s why we are tireless in our pursuit of knowledge that benefits you and your future success. Our vast knowledge of available tool suites allow us to help you decide on the best-fit solution for your environment. We do have established partnerships as well and leverage them when appropriate. We also take advantage of in-house, nearshore, and offshore resources adding overall value to our delivery system. Although we look for team members that are certified with various leading technology companies on products that offer technology solutions, we strive to bring our customers the best solutions for them, regardless of our partner affiliations. Be assured, when you engage with us, we take advantage of best practices within the entire eco-system.

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