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Financial services


Companies in the financial services industry face a significant challenge of attracting and retaining not only new customers, but the "right" customers, while also keeping their product offerings fresh and competitive. The ability to achieve these goals contributes directly to profitability.

How we help

Charter Solutions supports the needs of organizations like banks, asset management companies, insurance and credit card companies, and more, by mining data on their existing customer base and product ownership to provide a clear understanding of who their customer is and what products they are enrolled in. This allows the client to build customer and product profiles that also illustrate how profitable each customer relationship is. These profitability models allow the client to evaluate historical transaction volumes by product and customer profile to determine which products drive the most business, which are the most profitable, and which customer profiles are the most desirable.

These insights allow financial services companies to map an effective and relevant future product road map; tailor products and marketing efforts to current and prospective customers; upsell and migrate customers to new and emerging products; and build financial models that predict future profitability based on customer and product mix.

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