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Manufacturing and distribution


The manufacturing industry has unique needs, requirements, and concerns which partners, endusers, and subcontractors must follow when working with manufacturers.
The implementation of IoT to manage predictive analytics is essential and will enable the industry to analyze data promptly and to more accurately predict the maintenance period of an asset. As a result, the industry will transition from replacing or repair maintenance to a predict and fix model.

How we help

Manufacturers are facing growing demand from customers to provide them with real-time data analytics and solutions that impacts the delivery of goods and services. The team at Charter Solutions can empower your organizations with insights and products that will minimize delays or disruptions to your business, whether that involves supply chain solutions, using advance sensor technology to improve automation on your plant floor, improving operational workflows to decrease product time and costs.

Customer self service is another area that most purchasers have come to expect, and it can help manufacturers maximize profits and revenue. Charter Solutions will work with you to create customer-facing portals and applications that deliver an efficient and more satisfying self service experience for your endusers.

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