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AWS re:View Episodes 22 & 24, Amazon S3 Capability Deep Dive Parts 1 & 2

Join Charter Solutions CTO Michael Krouze and co-host John Affolter for a two-part, AWS re:View deep dive into the capabilities of Amazon Simple Storage Solution, also known as S3.

In Episode 22, Part 1 of the S3 Deep Dive, Michael and John discuss the vast storage capabilities of S3 and why businesses of all sizes should use it to store files and other digital assets. Meanwhile, Episode 24, Part 2 of the S3 Deep Dive, highlights what each capability can mean for your organization. Michael and John also share interesting tidbits and anecdotes they’ve learned from pairing AWS technologies with S3.

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Date: November 12, 2022
Episode #: 22 & 24
Name of Program: AWS re:View

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